Middle School Students

We are committed to our students’ academic achievement—no matter where they learn. Our virtual curriculum meets Arizona state standards and adheres to the National Standards for Quality in Online Learning while addressing the academic and social needs of our students. FESD supplies all necessary learning materials such as technology devices, textbooks, and learning software subscriptions; however, students/parents are responsible for their appropriate use and may be held financially liable for lost or damaged items.

Digital Citizenship

Field Trips

As a part of our educational program, FESD–Virtual students will also participate in virtual field trips that support classroom instruction. Your child’s teacher will notify you of upcoming field trips by email or Canvas at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled trip. He/she will include any necessary login instructions in that email.

Student Assessment

All students participating in our virtual program follow the same testing guidelines as other students in the district. Our teachers informally evaluate student progress through class participation and homework, but they will also supply students with district and state-required formal assessments (such as AzM2 testing) throughout the year. If you are concerned about your role in administering such tests, please reach out to your child’s teacher.

Special Needs Students

Online learning is not right for every child, but we’ve worked hard to ensure that FESD–Virtual remains an inclusive program to meet the needs of our diverse learning students. Whether your child needs tutoring, ELL instruction, or accelerated learning opportunities, we are happy to tailor our virtual program to meet those needs. Please connect with your child’s IEP team for more information.