A Virtual Fowler Education

FESD–Virtual Academy embraces a community of outstanding students, educators, and parents who are striving to reach academic and social goals in an online environment. By providing age-appropriate instruction through technology, highly-qualified teachers, and opportunities for both synchronous and asynchronous learning, our virtual academy replicates the classroom experience from the comfort and safety of your home.

Our online learning environment includes teacher-led instruction and group activities; virtual meetings; electronic field trips; paper-pencil activities; and parent-supported, student-led projects. Students who participate in our FESD–Virtual Academy should expect to complete four to six hours of academic content daily.

What to Expect from FESD–Virtual

It’s All About Partnership

Education has always been a partnership between home and school, but a virtual education is doubly so. Though we provide the expertise and material your child needs to experience academic success, a virtual education takes an extra commitment from both students and parents to work hard and provide an environment that is conducive to learning.

Student Expectations

We expect all students enrolled in FESD–Virtual to:

  • adhere to FESD’s Student Code of Conduct regarding academic honesty;
  • adhere to FESD’s acceptable use policy for technology;
  • participate daily in each online course;
  • attend virtual meetings;
  • complete coursework on time; and
  • communicate respectfully with your instructor.

Parent Expectations

Parents who enroll their child(ren) in our virtual academy are pledging to support the online experience by:

  • ensuring your child(ren) has the necessary equipment and internet access to participate and, if needed, requesting such from FESD;
  • providing your child with a safe and appropriate place to work at home;
  • ensuring your child has sufficient time to work;
  • becoming familiar with our communication and progress reporting methods;
  • encouraging your child to seek help when necessary and communicating academic concerns with your child’s instructor; and
  • ensuring all work is done without help.